Notice of Recording Fee Increase Effective January 1st, 2020

The recording fee structure in Nevada has changed through action of the 2019 Nevada State Legislature and passage of SB 20.  With the passage of SB 20 the fee collected for each Recording will now increase $2.  The increase in NRS 247.305 (3) states:

  • (a) Five Dollars:
    • (1) To the organization operating the program for legal services for the indigent that receives the fees charged pursuant to NRS 19.031 to be used to provide legal services for:
      • (I) Protected persons or proposed protected persons who are adults in guardianship proceedings; and
      • (II) If sufficient funding exists, protected persons or proposed protected persons who are minors in guardianship proceedings, including, without limitation, any guardianship proceeding involving an allegation of financial mismanagement of the estate of a minor; o
    • (2)    If the organization described in subparagraph (1) does not exist in the judicial district, to an account maintained by the county for the exclusive use of the district court to pay the reasonable compensation and expenses of attorneys to represent protected persons and proposed protected persons who are adults and do not have the ability to pay such compensation and expenses, in accordance with NRS 159.0485.

 With the additional statutory fees, as described below, the resulting recording fee of $40 for Pershing County, effective January 1, 2020.

            $25.00   Recording fee
            $  1.00   Fund to assist persons formerly in Foster Care
            $  5.00   Legal services for the Indigent
            $  1.00   Compensation of Investigators appointed by District Courts
            $  3.00   Child Attorney Fees
            $  5.00   Technology fund for County Recorder

Download the full official notice and the new recording fees.