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Lake Township Justice Court

Mission Statement: "The Lake Township Justice Court is a court of limited jurisdiction which strives to uphold the public's trust and confidence, while retaining its independence and accountability by dealing with each matter in an equitable and timely manner".

The Court's jurisdiction is limited to misdemeanors which are punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed six months, a fine not to exceed $1,000.00 or a combination of both.

The Justice of the Peace reviews probable cause determinations for people arrested within 48 hours, conducts arraignments/advisements for people arrested within 72 hours and conducts preliminary examinations on felony and gross misdemeanor crimes within 15 days from the date of their arraignment/advisement. In addition, misdemeanor bench trials are generally held within 60 days after a person enters a not guilty plea to the crime with which they are alleged to have committed.

The Justice of the Peace reviews and conducts traffic court for all citations written in Pershing County, the Court receives citations from the following agencies: Nevada Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol), Pershing County Sheriff's Office, Lovelock Animal Control, Nevada State Parks, Lovelock Police Department and the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

The Justice of the Peace also reviews and issues search warrants for all law enforcement agencies operating within Pershing County and the City of Lovelock except for Tribal Police and The Bureau of Indian Affairs as a State Court generally lacks jurisdiction on federal land.

Civil jurisdiction includes: formal civil actions ($15,000.00 monetary limit); small claims ($10,000.00 monetary limit); landlord/tenant actions; domestic violence protection orders; stalking/harassment orders; keep the peace orders; extradition hearings; coroner’s inquests and marriages.

If you are filing a civil action, small claims or eviction, please see our schedule of fees listed below under "Related Articles".

The current Judge and staff of the Lake Township Justice Court are :

If you have any questions or need more information please contact us at (775) 273-2753 or mouse over any of our names and send us an email.

Hon. Karen R. Stephens
Justice of the Peace

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Lake Township Justice Court
Pershing County Courthouse-Lower Level
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