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All of Pershing County NV

Road Department/Landfill

Dan Hill, Road Superintendent

Pershing County Road Department

The Pershing County Road Department contains two shops. The main shop is located in Lovelock the second shop is located in Imlay. The Lovelock and Imlay County Road shops are maintained by the Road Superintendent, Road Supervisor, six road workers, 2 mechanics and 1 secretary. The Pershing County Road Department is responsible for maintaining all county roads. We specialize but are not limited to grading, paving, patching, chip sealing, snow removal and installation and maintenance on cattle guards, culverts and street signs on Pershing County Roads. All Pershing County vehicles and heavy equipment are maintained and repaired by the Pershing County Road Department mechanics.

Our crew oversees road maintenance annually on approximately 1065.902 miles of county gravel roads and 95 miles of paved county roads.


Pershing County Landfill

The County Road Department also oversees all aspects of the Pershing County Landfill and all transfer sites within our county.

Accepted Materials

The Pershing County Landfill and Transfer Sites do not accept asbestos in any form, lead-based paint, or other hazardous waste.

The Landfill accepts all household waste and construction debris. Household waste is the waste generated from day-to-day living such as food and product packaging, food waste, paper products, cardboard, or food and drink containers. Construction debris is accepted as long as it is free of asbestos, lead-based paint, or other hazardous materials.

The Transfer Bin Sites only accept household waste and small green waste such as garden clippings, grass cuttings and leaf litter. Non-painted or stained wood items, paint-free pallets, brush, weed, and tree trimmings can be dropped at the burn area located at each transfer bin site. Particle board, furniture or non-wood demolition materials are not allowed in the burn area.

Hazardous waste of any kind is not allowed at the transfer bin sites. No demolition materials, including mattresses, furniture, appliances, carpet or padding, flooring, or construction debris are allowed at the Transfer Bin Sites.

Recreational Vehicle or Mobile Home demolition material, tires, or oil are not allowed at the transfer sites and must be taken to the Pershing County Landfill. Residents can call Hoss Disposal or Desert Disposal for large waste bins.

Pershing County Landfill
3833 Arobio Ln.
P.O. Box 820
P: (775) 273-7334
E: roads@pershingcountynv.gov

Hours of Operation

Wednesday through Sunday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed Monday and Tuesday


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